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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that is good news. during this evening commute. we'll get back to the story, as you are looking at live coverage of the b.a.r.t. protest. to our other top story, almost a year since the deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno killed eight and leveled the peninsula noibeighborhood. tomorrow, the ntsb hears a report on the explosion in washington, d.c. new tonight at 6:00 nbc bay area's correspondent is in washington with a look at the piece of pipe that caused all right devastation. >> reporter: good evening, ntsb investigators are getting ready to deliver their final report tomorrow to the board. they'll talk about events leading to the rupture. pg & e's response and also what they believe to have caused the explosion. the ntsb will also make important recommendation as but what companies and regulators need to do to ensure pipelines are safe nationwide. today, the chair of the board gave us an unprecedented look at
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l 132, the section of pipeline that ruptured. >> so what we have here is just a lit bit over a 28-foot section of the pipe. >> reporter: you are looking at the section of pipeline that exploded with such force it landed on a san bruno street 100 feet away with sections of pipe, north and south of the rupture have been the centerpiece of a nearly year-long investigation into what led to the inferno, september 9, 2010. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. and now it appears it will lead to national changes in pipeline safety. >> there was a lack of fusion in certain areas. so the welds were substandard by today's terms and also in 1956 terms. >> reporter: ntsb chair, says investigators will deliver the probable coughs the rupture una day long hearing tomorrow. today she said one of the biggest difficulties they faced was getting information from pg & e, about the pipe, how it was
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made, and maintained. >> pg & e, in their information system, represent ra seed the p a seamless, 30 dinner-pipe. we know they didn't manufacture seamless 30 inch pipe in 1956 and now either. >> investigators concede the sections of pipe, were welded made of substandard materials with welds that did not go all the way through the metal allowing for weaknesses in the pipe. >> this pipe was installed in 1956. but we still do not have records from pg & e to tell us where they came from. >> pg & e believed the cause was a faulty wed. the agency plans to spend $2 billion through 2014 to inspect and upgreat 6,000 miles of pipeline. and that is money that in part will come from customers,
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through rate hikes over the next three years. now we understand tomorrow, pg & e, cpuc, san bruno city leaders will be in attendance. keep it here on nbc bay area news, we'll have reports for you at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 on the very latest from the ntsb hearings. reporting from washington, d.c., nbc bay area news. >> thank you, vicki. we want to lot you know we will air a special one-hour on the one-year anniversary of the pipeline explosion. that special coverage begins at 4:00 on friday, september 9th. now to developing news in oakland where police are searching for two suspected carjackers. it is a manhunt that left three schools on lockdown for part of the day. officers are searching neighborhoods between 84th and 88th streets and bancarfa and olive streets. in east oakland. started at 11:00 a.m. when police got a call about a violent carjacking, spotted the
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stolen car with four men inside began a chase. suspects jumped out and started running. at some point, one officer did fire upon a suspect. no one was hit. police eventually arrested two men. however two others are still at large. the three nearby schools kept kids inside today, and released them as usual, after school. another difficult story to digest, an oakland father was sth shot to death as his 6-year-old son looked on. tonight police are hunting for the suspect and a community is in a familiar position, mourning another senseless act of violence. jose and his 6-year-old son had left a supermarket yesterday afternoon, when police say two men tried to rob him. investigators haven't determined whether esparza resisted or why the men shot and killed him. the boy was not hurt. the killing marked oakland's 78th homicide of this year alone. as the violence increases so does the number of children caught in the cross fire. they're not only suffering physical injuries, but emotional ones. we bring in nbc bay area's jody
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hernandez who joins us live in oakland. joe talking about kids carrying lifelong psychological scars here, correct? >> that's right, raj. therapists say they haven't seen anything quite like it. five children have been wounded by stray bullets here in oakland in the past month alone. countless others have witnessed violence in their own neighborhoods. and now, a 6-year-old boy is left with the image of watching his own father get gunned down. maria cario says she can't believe her husband of 13 years is oakland's latest victim of vof violence. the 39-year-old, was shot and killed during a robbery as he and his 6-year-old son left an east oakland market yesterday afternoon. the boy watched helplessly as the two suspects shot and robbed his dad, right in front of him.
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>> translator: he saw everything the he keeps reselling what happens to his dad. >> it is very sad for me to see a child lose one of the most important people in their life because that's huh they understand their world. >> reporter: this therapist, with family paths, provides support to children coping with v violence. says thousands of families are living in fear. kids have been getting caught in the cross fire week after week in oakland. she says the level of vif lenof violence has children showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. >> they can't say home is safe. they don't know that. they feel scared all the time. >> for cario's son, the nightmare of watching his dad get gun downed will have lasting effects. his mother says the violence needs to stop.
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>> i've don't know what i am going to do to help my sons move forward, she said. >> now, therapists s talked to said children exposed to violence usually react in one or two ways they either shut down completely or lash out with aggressive behavior. therapist at family paths say their case load is full as people call their hotline looking for help in growing numbers. in oakland, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. happening right now. protests and counterappropriate test thousands. we want to show you what it looks like in san francisco right now. a group of appropriate testers again, take to the streets in san francisco. another monday night protest. near b.a.r.t. civic center station in san francisco. demonstrators, again, upset over the killing of a man by b.a.r.t. police. and thend t the agency's decisi to shut down wireless service to
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avert a protest. initially near the b.a.r.t. station now decided to walk down market street as you can see. one thing that is very visible and different about to day's protest, the police you can see the police officers in a line, walking alongside the demonstrators, as they walk down. san francisco police being very clear that this time, and this protest, this monday, they're not going to put up with anything. nbc bay area's tracy grant on the ground for us. tracy, take it away. >> well, we are live here at civic center plaza. flugt you can see behi flugt -- right now you can see behind me, protestors in the distance. up here on the ground level instead of platforms. that's what anonymous vowed to do this time. they said instead of being on the platforms and ending up shutting down train stations, that they would be out here on the ground and have their protest that way. now i want you to take a look at some video that we shot a little earlier. groups of people who were
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yelling. talking about b.a.r.t.'s police department and whether they were in the right when they shot and killed a homeless man on july 11th. now, a lot of the protestors are walking down market street. we were expecting to see a group of commuters out here. in a counter protest to what has been going on here at these stations. so far, we really haven't seen any. >> it's -- difficult to get on. it -- disrupts the commute hour. it, it just makes it life difficult. >> she says getting home during the last few weeks has been a challenge for her. >> i have been trying to tell my teachers can i get off soon so i won the have to deal with this whole protest or anything like that. >> some other whose feel just like commuters have pledged to attend tonight's protest. they say they want the rights as passengers to be honored. they don't want to be inconvenienced anymore. >> there will be several groups, people protesting, b.a.r.t.
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police. people protesting the protestors. >> reporter: it start jude led 11th when people protested the b.a.r.t. shooting of a homeless man. b.a.r.t. said to make sure protestors didn't climb on trains and disrupt the commute, the agency shut down wireless communication to keep protestors from organizing on the platforms. that's when a group called anonymous got involved. hacking into b.a.r.t.'s web sites and orchestrating events to protest b.a.r.t. decision to interrupt cell phone service for the last three mondays including tonight. >> i think we are expecting a protest outside of our platform. the message has been sent that we cannot have protests on our platform. it is tdangerous. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. may be right. several messages advise protestors to keep it in street and stay off the platforms. tweets say they don't want b.a.r.t. to blame the protestors for the train stations shut down and forcing commuters to find
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other ways to get home. >> they have nothing better to do -- that's sad. >> while the guard stations have not gotten shot down tonight. one of the busiest streets has been shut. market street where protestors were standing at market and 6th. briefly shut down. then the police wear loud to open it again. now, we were told by a representative from the foundation that one of the organizers of the commuter counterprotest actually canceled. and said that he wouldn't be attending tonight. he was going to tell several people who were also helping him orchestrate this, not to come either. that could be true. we still haven't seen any commuter protestors now. one thing anonymous told protestors on twitter, was to focus more this time on the fatal shooting of the homeless man instead of spending so much time talking about the decision to shut down cell phone service
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on the b.a.r.t. platform. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> tracy grant out there live for us. we'll continue to watch the situation and bring updates on it. >> coming up. bringing the bay bridge to life. next at 6:00, the bridge takes on a whole new look. kimberly terry gets a behind the scenes tour. >> i'm marry tianne favro. what a ban of styrofoam could mean to customers and jobs in our state. it is a rule that has rarely been enforced. police are cracking down on drivers on one major roadway. we're going to help you avoid a ticket coming up. >> we are enjoying a sunny, pleasant evening right now. in san jose. 71 degrees. got the sunshine. a strong sea breeze starting to pick back up. right now, cloud-free in san francisco. but our seven-day forecast, includes the cooldown and hot, possibly wht means for your workweek
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coming up when we come back.
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tonight the legal battle over california's same sex marriage ban is brewing in the bay area. this time it involves video. today, james ware, federal judge in san francisco, heard arguments on whether to release video tapes of last year's prop # trial. allowing the footage to go public is a move that prop 8 backers owe pose. however, attorneys for the two same sex couples who last year sued to overturn the ban, as well as the city of san francisco and associated press, are frying to get that court video released to the public. in january of last year, the high court voted to block cameras from covering the high proe ffile case. but ware's predecessor asked to shoot for his own review of the case. he will release a written
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opinion whether to release to the public. in parts of the bay area we have been doing this for a while. now the entire state could be catching on. california could become the first state in the nation to ban styrofoam containers. let's bring in marianne favro, downtown san how sajose with th potential impact on restaurants and customers. >> reporter: here, many restaurants sever food in containers like this. now, many owners are concerned a proposed ban would force them to pay more and get less. whether you are ordering to go or taking home leftovers, not all containers stack up. just ask jennifer rubino who had a bad experience with the recycleable box. >> i put it on my jeans. i noticed all the sauce was dripping on my pants. >> which is why some customers are concerned about a possible statewide ban of styrofoam in california. sure the 100% recycled paper
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board containers are green, restaurant operators fear added expens will lea expense will leave thecm in the red. >> this woman fears a statewide ban may create more problems for the environment. >> if the amount of production increases significantly in paper products, that means more trees will be cut down. so those kinds offal balances need to be taken into account before an all-out ban is declared. >> reporter: environmental advocates say plastic foam contains potentially harmful chemicals and styrofoam is clogging our land fills. but the california business coalition says, a ban statewide would result in 8,000 lost jobs. if the ban is approved restaurants will have until 2016 to send stooi syrofoam containe
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backing. several cities in the bay area have bans, and berkeley enacted its styrofoam ban more than 20 years ago. thank you, mary ann. a big move today for your money and for an entire company heading to the south bay. our business and tech reporter, scott budman joins us here. scott, when we talk about investors they have shrugged off the bad weather. >> really did. some of today's gains may be chopped up to relief rally, irene not as bad as some thought. the power came back quickly on wall street. tech stocks led the day to a big gain all over the place. apple back on top as the world's most valuable company. also, on the move, east bay company heading to the south bay. polycom maker of gear to let businesses teleconference will move 700 local employees from pleasantton to san jose. the company is growing. needs more space. polycom will probably move into
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the new digs in may of next year. more bay area expansion. auto desk of san rafael will lease 36,000 square feet in downtown san francisco. the 3-d design company says it will add 200 jobs in the san francisco office. over the next three to five years. the second san francisco expansion for auto desk in the last six months. raj? >> thank you, scott. jeff ranieri, our chief meetle romeetle -- chief meteorologist is back east covering irene. we had mostly sunny skies. out to the coast. a sea breeze blowing into the bay. 62 in san francisco. cooled down to 65, oakland, hayward. light jacket weather for your evening plans around the east bay. 71, san jose. warmest spot right now. fairfield up towards santa rosa. close to 80 degrees. take a look at wind speeds. from inland. along 580. interstate 80, southwest winds at 246789 what that is letting you know, the ocean air
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conditioning is picking up. though we don't have low clouds on the coast right now. later on this evening. low clouds will be sweeping back in. giants, cubs coming up. first pitch temperature, 60 degrees. may have sun to start. as we go through the game. likely start to see patchy low clouds in the coastline again. mainly clear skies. start off your evening plans. it will be cool off outside. thanks to the onshore winds. later on tomorrow morning. you'll wake up to patchy clouds. fog, mist, drizzle on the coast. high temperatures tomorrow, pretty comfortable. 60s, 70s for most of us. and some low 80s inland. as woe head through the afternoon. thanks to the sea breeze. the air quality outstanding for your plans. today we did get the clearing along the coast. you can see the low clouds, for now have backed offshore. the wind staying on shore. then retreating back to the coast loon duri coastline. this is the pattern we will see. thursday, friday.
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north winds are going to pick up. that will dry things out. you may be surprised coming up later on this hour. how much the seven-day forecast warm up later on this week. tomorrow morning. patchy clouds. lots of 50s. head through the afternoon. overall temperatures looking like today. 60s, 70s inland. close to 80 in san jose. mid 80s. comfortable 64 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. coming up. a look at the seven-day forecast which does call for the return of some mid 90s for parts of the bay area. have that for you in the next half-hour. back to you. >> thank you, rob. still ahead at 6:00. looking at the newest technology, businesses are using to clock you in at work. >> a rolling tribute to the victims of flight 93. left the bay area today. the grammy winner who took, going to take part in the upcoming dedication for the flight 93 memorial. >> doug mcconnell takes you inside marine mammal center for an indepth look at its mission and the major milestone reached by workers we'll be back in a moment.
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drivers beware if you don't get off market street when you are supposed to. sfpd is handing out tickets. tikts a tickets are $176. what's the problem? people that don't make the mandatory right turn at 6th or tent. that is the problem. traffic is restricted to make it pedestrian friendly. although police mav always monitored the area, there hasn't been a big push to keep the cars off the stretch of road reserved for buses, taxis, bikes and pedestrians. since july 29th. 74 tickets have been handed out. not everyone gets a ticket. even if you get pulled over, 124 drivers got warnings. >> okay. well since 1975, the bay area marine mammal center has rescued and treated thousands of sick injured animals. part hospital, part educational.
6:25 pm
part sigh yen tiff uk cientific. it reached an impressive smile stone when a sea lion, milestone, scampered back home. here is nbc bay area's doug mcconnell. >> think of the marine mammal center like a major city hospital and so much more, ohm for marine mammals. >> nestled in the golden gate recreational area, volunteers at marine mammal center are feeding sea lions recovering from kidney infections. >> what are they going to have this morning? >> herring. >> reporter: and the healing hands of veterinarians are treating a young male sea lion with a severely fractured flipper. >> pretty extensive injury. an x ray. he has a fracture. basically his wrist. hope for the best. get him on good medicine. >> reporter: since it opened, the center has treated 17,000
6:26 pm
sick and injured marine mammals of many species. rescue ad along the coast. saving lives isn't the only goal here. so is saving the environment. >> if people, today, and decades from now, are owning their responsibility to be better stewards of the planet, not just the ocean, that would be a huge success. >> reporter: more than 30,000 people every year participate in the centers' educational programs and learn what it takes to be good stewards of the planet. and important scientific research is conducted here too with the animals teaching us about the health of the ocean. >> things are changing out there. it is a very dynamic ocean system. we are in a prime position to be there to watch, to deskrub whcrt is going on. >> with pollution, climate change and overfishing the news from the sea is often bleak. but on this day, the news here is very bright. and a cause for celebration.
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especially for these two young sea lions. >> for the professional staff of marine mammal center and their over 800 volunteers, caring for ill and injured marine mammals along 600 miles of california coast, has always been a labor of love. from rescue to release. today, with their kidney infections healed, a milestone and zodiac girl are about to be given a new lease on life. and a huge milestone. they're the 10,000 and 10,001, treated here over the past 36 years. after a little rounding up and a drive to the national seashore, they're offered their freedom and they seize it. zodiac girl starts first. but milestone, number 10,000, soon dashes by to lead the way. a tribute to the past and a promise to the future. >> the fact that they moved very quickly to the water lets me know that we did our job well.
6:28 pm
we kept them wild, we got them healthy. so that they want to go back to their ocean home. >> doug mcconnell, nbc, bay area news. >> doug mcconnell chronicling the good work being done at the marine mammal center. >> still ahead at 6:00, a manhunt for a man suspected in the killing of a city councilman. >> coming up, hurricane irene's fury leaves heavy damage across the east coast. plus the impact on flights here in the bay area. big unveiling for the bay bridge tonight. kimberly terry takes us behind the scenes for a first-tsof t-tsof-irs-kindooth lt ae trrore p.itctjeof we're back in a moment.
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they are still recovering. the aftermath now of irene. the tropical storm has crossed through canada, but it left its mark in the united states. clean-up and recovery is now under way. it is the worst flooding some
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areas have seen in a century. across the east coast, airports did reopen today. the good news. but only tomorrow, at the earliest, will airlines return to a full schedule. here at home, sfo reported 30 cancellations. and san jose international airport, flights will be back on track by 11:00 p.m. tonight. oakland airport reporting a normal flight schedule. nbc bay area's jay gray joins us from connecticut with more on the efforts to pick up the pieces. good evening, raj. damage from irene stretches across at least 12 states right now. damage like this. take a look behind me. you can see the home that was pounded by irene. half of it already in the canal. the rest hanging on by a thread here. the current damage estimate from the storm its around $10 billion. officials fear that number will rise. 38 at least dead at this point from the storm. and again, there is concern that number will go up as well.
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flooding was the major issue in new england through new york. not the w winds. it was only a tropical depression when it came through this area. you can see the type of damage that was done here. power still out for at least five million people across the atlantic seaboard. and for some of those, they won't have electricity for a week or more. this was a powerful massive storm, irene left a mess behind that it will talk a long time to clean up. that's the very latest from here in fairfield, connecticut. i'm jay gray, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jay. here at home, fire crews that have been battling a fire in fairfield plan to leave that tonight. cal-fire says the fire started saturday in cement hill road area now fully under control. it burned 715 acres. at its worst, 250 crews from four agencies were fighting the fire using air tankers, choppers and 50 fire engines. the fire did burn close to some homes. they were able to divert the flames and eventually no homes
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were damaged. investigators are working to figure out how the blaze started. fire fighters say that five-day-old fire to yosemite national park is a third contained tonight thanks in part to a giant air tanker they're using to battle the flames. despite the progress, crew maze order new evacuations of private homes along the national forest land. the fire which is burning along highway 140 leading to the park burned 7 1/2 square miles of land since thursday. it hasn't caused main your problems at yosemite itself. tourists are able to see the park's famous views. highway 12 in the north bay is still closed at this hour. not expected to reopen until 9:00 tonight. shut down this morning by a fatal crash involving a big rig and three cars. our nbc chopper working the scene, chp says around 10:30 this morning near napa county line. a big rig owned by cal fire was hauling a bulldozer eastbound when it collided with three cars. the cause is not yet clear.
6:34 pm
six to eight people were rushed to local hospitals, their conditions are not being released the but we do know the big rig driver was not hurt. san jose man who died in a boating accident at lake tahoe has been identified as 46-year-old steven keller. officials say, five bay area men were docking a rented boat at chambers landing on the west shore saturday afternoon. keller fell off the boat and was hit by the propeller. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a manhunt now is under way for the gunman suspected in the deadly shooting of a former mayor of fort bragg. authorities in mendocino county are looking for this man, 34, 35 years old. considered armed and dangerous. bassler is wanted in connection with the fort bragg city councilman, jerry melo, a forester, and served as the city's mayor, and studied at
6:35 pm
uc-berkeley. the 15-year councilman was shot when he allege lead discovered bassler growing marijuana in a remote area of the county. >> the roar of harleys was heard through south san francisco this morning as a special memorial ride got off to a noisy start. riders are making a cross-country trip to remember loved ones lost on september 11th. called the ride for the 40. this is the third year. it ends in shanksville, pennsylvania. where unite the flight 93 crashed in a field there. the organizer says his efforts are for his brother, joey, who died in that crash. >> my goal tips get in between, probably, 7:30-8:00, they have a family viewing, so the family can view the memorial before the dedication. >> this year the ride will end with a dedication ceremony. the first phase of the memorial in shanksville. business and tech news tonight. days of punching the time clock,
6:36 pm
are a thing of the past. but bosses still can track you. >> now they have a new high-tech way to do it as well. nbc bay area's, scott budman, shows us why we might want to smile when you get to the job. >> well -- i generally come in at least 15 minutes late. >> from the chunky punch card. >> access granted. >> to the hand scanner. to the beeping badge. businesses all over the world have done what they can to check you in. now they have a better way. the face in recognition system that knows you as soon as you look at it. >> it actually assigns dimensions to your eye socket, cheap bone, nose, lips, upper chin. that's what makes it foolproof. >> cup pewter processor on the inside. dual cameras on outside. let's face it, the newest way your boss can keep tabs on you and make sure no one else is clocking you in. >> buddy punching. for example. you give your badge to someone
6:37 pm
else. they clock you in or out for work. with face in, it has to be the registered user. >> yes seems to be a little big brother aspect to all of this. these days businesses do check you in some how. this wait is safe, sanitary, and accurate. >> is there any way to fool this? >> there is no way to fool it. we tried any, everything. try to fight. >> it costs $800 and takes seconds to work. so get ready to smile. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> was scott smiling in the picture. >> they always know when we are here they can tell. >> exactly. ahead at 6:00. behind the scenes, interesting, bay bridge retrofit project. the first of its kind tour just tonight. >> right now we still have clear skies in oakland. things are cooling quickly. we are at 65 degrees. pretty strong sea breeze, we await the low clouds to spill back into the bay. word on rmn-u in
6:38 pm
your seven day forecast coming up.
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a new crop of elementary students started class in a first of its kind school. the community school for creative education. here's what makes it unique. teachers actually stay with students for several years instead of teaching a specific grade level and then letting the kids move on. the school also places a heavy focus on dramatic arts. >> what we are offering is the focus on head, heart, hand, but not just to give the high level education that is wonderful for the privileged families who then will get the math tutor and the french tutor and the spanish tutor to make the grade. but that this is an all in one package. >> the school shares a campus with a traditional elementary.
6:41 pm
school leaders hope the approach can boost performance rate and start younger students on the right foot. the district now has 37% high school dropout rate. get ready for a royal visit to california. but this type it's all business. prince harry will be here in october. he will be training at two military bases in california and arizona as part of an apache attack helicopter course. part of his training as a british army captain. the younger brother to prince william, prince harry will arrive in early october at the naval air facility in el centro. his training will consist of live firing, tactical exercises and environmental training. the british defense ministry says the prince will join an apache squadron and do the same type of training in arizona. >> rob joins us now with a look at what is coming up. >> you can see the bay bridge, bouncing around behind us. the strong sea breeze going. leading to a cooldown. a view looking back to san
6:42 pm
francisco where things are cooler for now. a wind change later this week will lead to warming
6:43 pm
temperatures. a rare look at a bay area
6:44 pm
icon getting a facelift. >> the construction now on the bay bridge. the people doing the work are part high wire walkers and hard hat workers. kimberly terry takes us behind the scenes. >> we are literally on top of what will be the world's largest self-anchored suspension bridge on top of the only tower t. 525 feet up. i admit we did take an el va ev to get up here. the only other way up is the catwalks. >> see behind me. extreme angle they're hung at. basically same geometry as the the main cable of the bridge. they're a working platform for awful our craftsmen working up here. electricians, iron workers, all the crafts that have to build the tower. they use them to place the main cabell of the bridge. >> the single cable used to suspend the bridge will be pulled across it towards end of the year. >> there is over 17,000 individual, 5 millimeter wires that make up the cable, they hoed the weight of the structure. >> progress on the bay bridge is
6:45 pm
moving, with four sections of steel for the project arriving here from china yesterday. the segments put in place here, eastern end of the bridge later this year. pieces will be used to an court main cable. according to cal trans, this project that started in 200 2iz on schedule if not ahead several months. they warn there is a lot of work to be done from installing the cable and putting the deck system which is now being supported by work on to the cables itself. from there work will be done to make connections on both sides of the bridge on the island. all of this is booing done to make sure this bridge is up to code when it comes to earthquake safety. cal transsays once it is built it should not only be able to with stand a major earthquake but be available for emergency vehicles and be able to return to public service without being rebuilt. the bridge is set to be completed by the end of 2013. if you have been wondering what this bridge will look luke once it is done, starting at 7:45 tonight you will be able to get
6:46 pm
tan idea. construction lights will turn on to illuminate the catwalk and show you the outloon -- outline of the bridge. >> fascinating feat of engineering. the next tomb you as a driver will be inconvenienced in the spring. the west section of the bridge will be shut down. a piece of the old bridge will be removed to make way for the new section. amazing to see what it looks luke up clos like up close. >> let's bring in our meteorologist. a live shot from the top. >> windy for that. >> all cabled up. >> you bring up the point. a real concern for the workers up there this tomb ime of year. right now the same sea breeze, cooling us of around the inner bay. we had 85 degrees. livermore. le cooler than this weekend. 78, san jose. 80s, los gatos. 70 in oakland. all day sea breeze despite the sunny skies we had on the coast.
6:47 pm
right now, oakland, 65. west wind at 14. as the the sea breeze continues to pick up. eventually even though we have clear skies along the coast right now. low clouds going to try to creep in. 70s, 80s. inland. fairfield, concord. the sea breeze is going to win the battle tonight. you see it reaching fairfield. eventually that will pull in moist air and eventually more low clouds as we head towards tomorrow morning. the evening is starting off pretty clear. as we go through the game. giants/cubs tonight. swelt shi sweatshirt, jacket weather. 50s in the game. look at low clouds. tonight the low clouds reforming on the coast. pushing inland for tomorrow morning. for the peninsula and coast. find mr. drills f. inland. mid 80s like we had today. the second half of the week. we will start to see changes showing up. in the seven day forecast. right now the clearing skies on
6:48 pm
the coast. north winds temporarily today. helping to clear things out. over the next two days it will be the onshore winds that will pump up the cool, moist, marine air and keep our temperatures pretty mild. the thing we have to watch out for. starting thursday. going to be a wind pattern change. not so much a sea breeze. but a north wind picking up. the trough of low pressure passes us by to the east. as we head into the start of september. we have to watch out for these types of patterns. this will be a drier air pattern for northern california. and will load to warming temperatures. it could dry things out enough that we may have to watch out for some red flag warnings later this week. maybe for the coastal range up to the north. especially for sierra. thursday, friday. we'll notice the warming temperatures and have to watch out for fire danger concerns due to dry north winds picking up. tonight, nothing dry about the forecast. going to get marine air coming in. low clouds. probably misty skies to wake up to tomorrow morning. especially around san francisco and the coast. but our temperatures tomorrow looking pretty good. right in line what we had today.
6:49 pm
70s, 80s inland. the bay area. san jose northward. probably looking more like 70s for tomorrow. 65 for san francisco. around the east bay. pretty comfortable. low to mid 80s around the san ramon valley. north bay. not all that bad. upper 70s, tuesday afternoon. a tale of two types of weather patterns. first half of the week. ocean breeze. thursday, friday, 70s on the coast. 90s inland. humidity and winds are going to have to watch out for that. as we try to avoid red flag issues later this week because the temperatures climb up approaching the weekend. >> thank you, rob. >> let's get to sports now. okay, we are joined from our comcast sports newsroom. damon, a lousy weekend for most of our teams. it is monday. everything is okay right? >> the slate is wiped clean, raj, it is all about the giants.
6:50 pm
talking about them. your pitching better be amongst the best. giants' formula for success or cardiac arrest whatever comes first. and hoping to relieve the chest pain, taking the hill against the chicago cubs. absolutely fantastic. he hopes to get it done. coming off a great tart last wednesday where he shut down the padres but added an rbi at the dish. and the giants hope to cut into that four-game lead in the ml west. for more, let's take you live off to the ballpark. jamie? >> well, damon when you think aaugust of last year and the one he is having in 2011 it is like night and day. in fact he man anythinged to loper his e.r.a. in each of his last nine starts. >> he is very dominant. he is one of the best. that's great when we have, you know not just him. everybody on our team. i think we have got a great pitching staff. and that gives us confidence. >> he won that. you know surprise you avenue
6:51 pm
time he goes out. he is amazing. just physical side of what he can do. blow a fastball by anybody. throw a change-up. make you look stupid. throws slir s sliders. it is impressive to watch. >> he is just 11 strikeouts shy of reaching that 200 k plateau for his fourth consecutive season. reporting live from at & t park. for nbc bay area. thank you, jamie. on the nfl turf, 49ers may be closer to having a happy bill cow in in the backfield. drew rosenhaus due to meet with the team. gore says he is optimistic about staying put. in a franchise he hopes to be with the rest of his career. >> of hopefully, you know, they'll meet. some things get done. and, you know, something get done. if not. keep going. >> he is a great teammate. great leader. and obviously, very crucial part
6:52 pm
of the offense. so, not going to, have any contract stuff. >> and this is not a mirage. it is niners receiver, michael crabtree. back on the practice field. but neck nickly not back practicing as he is still not up to physically, perform list. with a foot injury. caught series of short passes in sports. what gives with his status. >> crabtree looked good, catching passes from the 49ers four quarterbacks and caught a pass from jim harbaugh the head coach. now i spoke to a league spokesman, 49ers did not violate league rule. crabtree was not taking part in practice, taking part in warmups. also general manager, informed the nfl of what happened today on the practice field. >> thank you, matt. he is coming back to cali, tiger woods. he confirmed he'll tee it up
6:53 pm
this october. tiger hasn't competed since the pga championship earlier this month. fry' open will go down. south of morgan hill. first time since 2010 u.s. open the pebble beach, tiger played in northern california. shark sighting on the links. inaugural t. golf tournament held in san jose. proceeds benefit the aubry brown, by curtis who have families who lost children. that will do it for sports. highlights of the giants, cubs, throwdown at at & t. 11:00 this evening. guys become to you. >> thank you, damon. for a full half-hour of sp orts coverspage. watch comcast sports net central. tonight,
6:54 pm
>> we'll be right back. ag
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6:56 pm
coming up tonight. investigators get rad to release their final report on the san bruno explosion. we're in washington, d.c. for an unprecedented look for the piece of pipeline that burst. what led up to it all? why the agency says pg & e made it difficult for gators. that's tonight at 11:00 after dateline. before we leave you. how about this one -- 25 of the world's greatest hums will be
6:57 pm
remembered in the largest bronze monument in the western united states. designers and crews working on the remember them, champions for humanity statue are beginning to erect the four piece monument at oakland, henry kaeiser, lincoln, mandela, keller are among the faces represented in the statute. the lead sculptor is an oakland native. the grand unveiling is planned for next tuesday. how about that. >> a look at what is coming up at 7:00. >> talking about the president's economic adviser, taking a closer look at him and how he may help us. a closer look at the bay bridge span. talking how it is ahead of schedule. we will look at that. the bay area kid, 11 years old. he gives up his birthdays to help orphans in iraq. his charity event. >> don't we all wish we had a child like that. >> thank you, we'll see you at 7:00. have a gat ening. see you back here at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> bye-bye. out of high school, most of you support our call to intensify english instruction in the earliest years of grade school. mike says it is incumbent upon california to train preschool and early grade school children in english, so that they can eventually become earners and self supporters. andrew agrees. failing to earn learn english at an early age so one can graduate from high school causes too many young people to be left out of decent jobs. jack concludes, it's painfully obvious what we have been doing doesn't work. andy says delayed instruction is
6:59 pm
more costly instruction. by not focusing on early education, we waste a lot of time and resources later, trying to bring everyone up to speed. yet, russ denounces us for being a liberal, fan of entitlements. the debate continues. join us, nbc editorials,.com.


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